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Triping DMC

About us
Agencies benefits

About us

Triping DMC is a B2B travel marketing company.

We bring the DMC closer to the travel agent in Spain and Andorra, building new commercial relationships and generating business.

Agencies benefits

¿How does Triping DMC works?

In Triping DMC we connect Spanish travel agencies with international DMC

¿Do you need more information?

In case you need more information about our selection of DMC and destinations please contact us at (+34) 93 3683118 or fill in the form

Contact with us

Benefits for the agencies and travel consultant

    We represent the best specialized DMC in each country,  local experts able to desing the creative and quality tailor-made programme most suitable for your customer.

    Our DMCs must commit to quality of service and fulfill our code of ethics requirements. Besides, Triping DMC sales team with more than 10 years in the sector has a deep knowledge of the needs of Spanish travel agencies.

    Through our website we inform about new products and services from our DMC. With our Newsletter we keep you updated with the latest proposals and atractive solutions to offer your travellers.

    We organize workshops, tutorials and presentations about our destinations.

    We visit travel agents to offer them a special commercial support, to find out their needs and offer them our DMC’s most suitable proposals. We accompany the DMC during their visits in Spain to get to know first hand the questions and doubts of their potential customers. We offer a comprehensive travel arrangements booking service.

    Personalised attention and follow-up of inquiries and quotatiosn requests.


Our international correspondents meet strict membership requirements in order to guarantee our commitment for the highest quality service standards towards our clients.


5 years experience

The Triping partner has to prove more than 5 years of experience in the travel industry (economic solvency and professional references).


B2B Philosophy

Respect B2B philosophy and and sales channel


Tailor-made product

Specialization in creative, tailor-made quality and product.



Programmes for  FITs (individuals) and Groups (Leisure and /or MICE)  from middle to high-end.


Replies in 48h
Commitment for a maximum 48h reply to all inquiries


Seamless communication

Seamless and constant communication with Triping DMC. Bringing new ideas and making proposals according to each market needs.


24 hour service

24/7/365 telephone number for any problems at destination


Quotations & sales reports

Quarterly report ro Triping-dmc stating requests and sales figures

Besides, the Tripind DMC partner….

  • will guarantee competitive prices.

  • will handle possible claims in an ethical way.

  • respect working laws of their employee without contracting irregular workers.

  • will not discriminate any traveller for their race, ethnicity, religion or gender.


Con Tripping Jonview ha logrado mantener su posición como DMC especialista de Canadá en el mercado Español.

Octavio Amaro, Jonview

Durante uno de los pasados Triping Dating, tuvimos la oportunidad de descubrir un receptivo en Tanzania que nos ofrecía unos servicios que no encontrábamos con otras agencias locales. La verdad que fue un gran descubrimiento.

Xavier Gil, Tarannà Club de Viatges

Las acciones de Triping están muy enfocadas a agencias de producto propio en España, por eso nos gusta siempre participar en ellas…

Joan Riera, Middle-Africa

Triping, nos ayuda a distribuir y promocionar nuestros comunicados al canal, investigando potenciales/nuevosclientes. En campañas de nuevas rutas nos ha ayudado a consolidar el producto y posicionarnos como una de las compañías aéreas referente en el mercado. Agradezco todo el apoyo y el esfuerzo entregado en las acciones que hemos ido concretando durante estos años.

Luca Pacione, LATAM Airlines
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